Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Be careful with the kind of word you need to complete the sentence.

1. I'm sorry that I will be to attend the meeting tomorrow. (ABLE)
2. We are fortunate to have so many men of great on our staff. (ABLE)
3. He is a very driver, so he has never had an accident. (CARE)
4. He drives so that he is sure to have an accident before long. (CARE)
5. speak louder than words. (ACT)
6. Apart from teaching English the school organizes a number of outside for students.(ACT)
7. He gets bored when he has no work to do. He can't stand being . (ACT)
8. We cannot go ahead with the plan unless we have his . (AGREE)
9. I'm sorry to with you, but I think you're wrong. (AGREE)
10. She takes great pride in her . (APPEAR)
11. You shouldn't judge people by . (APPEAR)
12. I was going to offer him a lift but when I looked round he had . (APPEAR)
13. The police have been looking for him ever since his . (APPEAR)
14. That law is not to this case. (APPLY)
15. He saw and advertisement for the job and wrote his . (APPLY)
16. He was the only for the job. (APPLY)
17. Pay to what I'm saying.(ATTEND)
18. It was pleasant to talk to such an audience. (ATTEND)
19. The greatest of the country is its wonderful climate. (ATTRACT)
20. She is a very girl . (ATTRACT)
21. What was the of his accusation? (BASE)
22. There are many reasons for the trouble in the company but the problem is the shortage of raw materials. (BASE)
23. It's her job to all the new books that arrive in the library. (CLASS)
24. After today's race the champion has gone to the head of the . (CLASS)