Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. The water of the lake was rather , like sea water. (SALT)
2. He’s nearly eighteen but he still has very attitudes and interests. (CHILD)
3. She still wears rather young fashions. (GIRL)
4. Smoking is for your health. (HARM)
5. I hope you are in your exams. (SUCCESS)
6. Don’t be afraid of the dog. He is . (HARM)
7. She is very . Three artists have painted her. (BEAUTY)
8. I was alone and in a strange city. (FRIEND)
9. The Sahara desert is a vast area which runs from east to west across Africa. (WATER)
10. This present is just what I want and need. How you are! (THOUGHT)
11. It was very of you to play the radio so loud so late at night. (THOUGHT)
12. It’s been dry for two weeks but I think next weekend it will be . (RAIN)
13. We found a nice place by the river for our picnic. (GRASS)
14. The principal religion of this area is . (CHRISTIAN)
15. Her death brought to all her family. (SAD)
16. The of the view almost took my breath away. (LOVELY)
17. There is some between German and Dutch. (SIMILAR)
18. Don’t laugh! I don’t think you understand the of the situation. (SERIOUS)
19. The international of the Beatles was amazing. (POPULAR)
20. He lost his job because of his . (LAZY)
21. Men and women should have of pay and opportunity. (EQUAL)
22. He proved his by winning easily. (SUPERIOR)
23. What to leave a baby out in the hot sun! (FOOLISH)
24. The teacher gave us a special mark for . (NEAT)
25. Thank you for your to my mother when she was ill. (KIND)
26. We regret to announce the of this evening concert. (POSTPONE)
27. She could see nothing in the . (DARK)
28. Living alone in the city, he suffered from at first. (LONELY)
29. I like the of this street. It’s very peaceful. (QUIET)
30. I have some in my left ear. (DEAF)
31. He’s always daydreaming. He never faces . (REAL)
32. The teacher insisted on . (PUNCTUAL)
33. He spoke with such that many people were offended. (BLUNT)
34. He’s finished writing his new book. will be next year. (PUBLISH)
35. It was a big to hear that you can’t come to our wedding. (DISAPPOINT)
36. She was sentenced to three years’ . (IMPRISON)
37. His parents gave him a lot of in his studies. (ENCOURAGE)
38. Is a degree a necessary for this job? (QUALIFY)
39. This is the city’s district, full of cinemas and theatres. (ENTERTAIN)
40. A lot of country people without job came to the city to look for . (EMPLOY)
41. He had to give his boss an for his absence. (EXPLAIN)
42. He received at the hospital for his injuries. (TREAT)
43. Capital means the death penalty. (PUNISH)
44. This shop is offering a big in the price of its clothes. (REDUCE)
45. The teachers were pleased at the in his work. (IMPROVE)
46. His work is well-paid but it doesn’t give him much . (SATISFY)
47. I like this photo. I think I’ll have an made. (ENLARGE)
48. Television programmes were interrupted by a special about the plane crash. (ANNOUNCE)
49. There was a newspaper for a job as a typist. (ADVERTISE)
50. The has announced new, higher taxes. (GOVERN)
51. They are trying to find a to the problem. (SOLVE)